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Mitio Global Co., Ltd was found in 2009 by professional experts in the various fields of IT technologies covering electronics and telecommunications. Headquartered on south Korea, we have been developing worldwide markets mainly in CIS (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan), Southeast Asia and China with innovative products of advanced technologies.

Mitio Global does development, production and consignment sale for our global customers' specific needs in the field of electronics, telecommunications, lighting solutions, broadcasting systems etc.

Mitio Global established a local factory in Kazakhstan in 2013 and has set local branches in Uzbekistan and China in order to provide our local customers with prompt and seamless services.

Our accumulated experience and outstanding achievement of a numberous national projects in CIS countries will assure you to make a huge success with us.

MITIO Global

Company Philosophy

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Customer First

We acknowledge that MITIO global can be exist only by customers.

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Creating Value

We create values by means of advanced technologies and its leverage.

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Best Quality

We put our every effort to meet our customers' satisfaction with our quality management.