Welcome to MITIO Global Co., Ltd.

MITIO GLOBAL is committed to providing total customer satisfaction by consistently providing innovative, reliable products and focusing on continuous improvement of products, services, and processes in all aspects of our business.
We share our corporate philosophy established by our executives and respect fair competition principles of the free market. In addition, we pursue the highest levels of ethics and business to increase corporate value and realize mutual prosperity with related people.
MITIO Global Co., Ltd.

Hyesoon Im

Intelligent IT Solution Partner
MITIO Global
Company Founded

Main Business

Mitio Global does development, production and consignment sale for our global customers' specific needs in the field of electronics, telecommunications, lighting solutions, broadcasting systems etc.




DVB-S2, T2, Combo, IPTV Solution

Energy Metering

Electric Energy Metering

LED Lightings

For Home and Industry, Streetlight Control

Company Philosophy

Customer First

We acknowledge that MITIO global can be exist only by customers.

Creating Value

We create values by means of advanced technologies and its leverage.

Best Quality

We put our every effort to meet our customers' satisfaction with our quality management.

The era of digital satellite broadcasting is coming.

Satellite broadcasting satellite, terrestrial wave, and cable broadcasting that transmit broadcasting signals using satellites differ in the way they receive TV broadcasting. In satellite broadcasting, a broadcast signal transmitted from […]

What is a set-top box for digital TV and how to connect and use a DVB T2 receiver

Many modern TVs have built-in tuners that can receive high-quality signals. If you have a TV that does not have this function, and you want to watch movies and TV […]
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