CEO Greeting

Welcome to MITIO Global
MITIO GLOBAL was established in 2009 to pursue a leading technology company for intelligent IT solution, and has been expanding its business sector toward electronics, telecommunications and smart devices with a goal of becoming a worldwide experienced developer and manufacturer in these industry.

MITIO Global fosters our employees to be an experts in their positions through human resource management.
All our employees improve our company and are critical to its future.
MITIO Global always supports all employees to map out their future and enables their happiness and satisfaction. That is our ultimate goal to be happy together.
MITIO Global will expand our global communication and energy enterprise based on a strong challenging spirit without being afraid to fail. MITIO Global does not think we are here with our efforts only.
MITIO Global promises that we will never forget the people who helped us and will continuously contribute to public and human life.
Thank you.

MITIO Global
Hyesoon Im
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