Satellite broadcasting satellite, terrestrial wave, and cable broadcasting that transmit broadcasting signals using satellites differ in the way they receive TV broadcasting. In satellite broadcasting, a broadcast signal transmitted from a broadcasting station is transmitted to a viewer through a satellite, and the viewer can receive the broadcast signal by connecting a dish-shaped antenna to the TV. On the other hand, terrestrial broadcasting receives a terrestrial broadcasting signal transmitted from a broadcasting station through a transmission tower through an outdoor or indoor antenna, and cable broadcasting receives a broadcasting signal through a coaxial cable. According to these differences in reception method, satellite broadcasting has the following advantages over other broadcasting media such as terrestrial and cable.

Many modern TVs have built-in tuners that can receive high-quality signals. If you have a TV that does not have this function, and you want to watch movies and TV shows with excellent picture quality and high-quality sound, you can purchase a special device called a digital TV set-top box (digital tuner, digital receiver).

What is a digital TV set-top box?

A digital TV set-top box is a small device capable of capturing digital radio signals with the possibility of subsequent transmission to a digital TV. This device is also called a digital tuner, receiver, or decoder. The official international name for the standard is
DVB-T2. … Digital TV box improves picture and sound quality. After connecting, you get free access to all major state and regional channels (approximately 15-20 units). You can also buy access to private cable channels from digital providers, the main providers today are companies like Beeline, MTS, and more. A digital set-top box connects to a TV to output a signal and connects to an antenna to receive a signal. Many set-top boxes are equipped with amplifiers for uninterrupted reception of high-quality digital signals.

Be careful! Once connected, the device needs to be configured, and many modern devices are equipped with auto-discovery and signal-tuning systems, which simplifies tuner operation.

What are digital TV credit set-top boxes used for?

Most modern tuners have the following features:

TV with built-in set-top box

Many modern TVs have a built-in digital TV tuner that automatically broadcasts the digital signal. The principle of operation and technical characteristics of such devices do not differ from removable attachments. All built-in tuners provide free access to all major state and regional channels, and access to cable channels requires you to purchase a SMART card and insert it into a special slot. Almost all digital TVs today have built-in set-top boxes, and the most popular TV manufacturers are companies such as LG, Samsung, Philips, etc.

Be careful! In addition to the newer DVB-T2 broadcast standard, there are also older DVB-T standards. It is rarely used today. However, some TVs may have a built-in DVB-T set-top box. We do not recommend buying these TVs because they cannot reproduce DVB-T2 signals.

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