Concentrator is an important part of electricity information collection system. our company’s concentrator in line with the state grid corporation Q/GDW 375.2-2009 and Q/GDW 374.2-2009 series standard electric power information collection system, the application of modern digital communication technology, embedded technology, computer software and hardware technology, low voltage power line carrier communication technology and so on carries on the demand side information acquisition and analysis. Set of low voltage carrier, RS485 meter reading, take the initiative to report, preventing electricity-stolen, and other functions in one body.


  • DSLM / COSEM compatible
  • RS485, Infrared, PLC, ZigBee, RF, GPRS communication(option)
  • Data collecting
  • Data management
  • Easily Parameter setting
  • Multiple Data Encryption
  • Real-time Clock
  • Plug and play communication module design
  • AMI integrated



Item Specification
OS Linux
Communication Protocol Upstream DLMS/COSEM
Downstream IEC62056-21/DLMS/COSEM
Communications Uplink GPRS/3G/4G/Ethernet(optional)
Downlink PLC/RF/LoRa/RS485(optional)
Maintenance RS232/Optical/USB
BasicStandard Q/GDW
Parameter setting Parameter configuration setting, Firmware upgrade(Local or remote)
Data Management Billing Support storage of daily and monthly
Load profile Support storage (capacity optional)
Real-time data Generate and store real-time and current data, etc.
Data collecting On-demand/ Schedule/ Retrieval collection, Tampering report automatic
Data transfer  Communication with main station, such as AMI
Dimensions & weight Dimensions 290mm x 180mm x 95mm
Weight 2.3kg(Approx.)